The idea is to show Brazilian immigrants, how they can enjoy a fantastic and very economic trip from Caracas to Santa Cruz de La Sierra (Bolivia)  by land – Starting in Caracas, Venezuela. A one way ticket from Miami to Caracas could vary from $200 to $400. After that Brazilians can follow us at the series:


My name is Chico Moura. I’m a Brazilian Journalist living in USA. After work for O Globo Newspaper in New York as an US Representative, I found the first Brazilian Newspaper in the State of Florida (FLORIDA REVIEW), the First Portuguese Orlando Radio Program (ALO BRASIL) and the first Brazilian Television Program at WLRN (TELEBRAZIL) in Miami. For the last 5 years I’ve been writing books and contributing to the local Brazilian media. Please check on

Starting on June 26th 2013, I’m organizing an incredible trip to Santa Cruz de La Sierra – Bolivia. This trip is dedicated to the Brazilian immigrants in the U.S. that now represents more than one million people, a large number of whom reside in South & Central Florida. In Boston, MA alone there are more than 350 thousand Brazilians. There are at least 300 thousand Brazilians in Newark, New Jersey and another 320 thousand living in South Florida. During this trip I will be sending articles once a month for a newspaper in Orlando: BRASILEIROS & BRASILEIRAS . I will also be sending live news every week for a radio program in Boston: (Boston)

This trip will start in Caracas, through Upata, Santa Elena de Uairen, Boa Vista – Manaus  (Amazon River) –  Parintins – Juriti – Óbidos – Santarém – Monte Alegre – Almerim, Prainha – Gurupá, Breves – and Belém – From Belém to São Luis, Fortaleza, Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro & São Paulo – From SP to Campo Grande, Corumbá, Puerto Quijaro (Bolívia), Santa Cruz de La Sierra & Cochbamba.  All trip I will be using public transportation (Buses & Trains, Boats). NO AIRPLANES!!! Soon I will be releasing another book.

Best Regards,
Chico Moura.